When you do it, why do you offer free programs?

It is a great way to give back to the community and about 90% of people in the free trials join the online program or gym after as a regular member. So its a great way to get new customers! 

Is that program really free?

Absolutely. The program is 100% free. There are no deposits up front. However if you miss a class or a workout, there is a $10 no show fee. This is to hold you accountable and really helps people get amazing results. Also we are paying our staff to coach you for free, so we need you to participate 100% and don't waste anyones time. 

What are your prices?

The prices for small group personal training or online coaching varies from $99 per week up to $249 per week. It depends on what options you choose, length of commitment and how experienced the coach is. We also run specials with great deals you may take advantage, so CONTACT US!
The average personal training session in New York City can range from $60 dollars to $100 per session and no one holds you accountable after that session is over. So our pricing is very reasonable, especially with the long terms results you get. 

Are the workouts beginner friendly?

Of course. We have clients ranging from 12 to 70 years old! All the workouts are customized to your fitness level. 

What kind of diet plans do you provide?

All the diet plans are whole food based and very easy to find at your local grocery store. Nothing processed. We also have vegetarian and vegan diet plans as well!

  • Nutrition Orientation before your actual fitness portion even starts

  • Super easy to ready, color coded PHD based nutrition guide

  • Lots of recipes and tips and tools too

  • Order your meals and have them delivered to your home with our Prestige Labs Done for You Meals option.